Some of the things I have come to grips with within the last couple of months have pushed me to reevaluate relationships and perspectives.

Here are some of my realizations.

Being a people pleaser will do more harm than good.

With enough determination and time management, things will always get done. There is no need to stress over it.

School is important, but people are more important. Investing in relationships is a great priority.

Before acting on something or doing something for someone, ask yourself if you have intentions of expecting something in return. If you do, reevaluate.

Waking up early is almost always the more beneficial option.

Taking time for your well being and emotional health is okay. If they love you, they will understand.

Doubt kills confidence and hinders dreams. Embrace the talents you have, and live boldly.

Detaching yourself from your phone can put a lot of peace in your life. The text, email, notification, or snap chat can wait.

The ability to see the best in people, and finding grace for oneself and others, brings more joy than most other things.

Take the unplanned adventure. Take an unexpected opportunity. Get out of your comfort zone.

Dreaming big and dreaming often is a great source of creativity.

Loving people, past all the misunderstandings and disappointments is always worth it. Always.

Most of these, if not all, have been stated before, and I have no doubt that if you are reading this, this isn’t the first time you have heard the previously statements…but reading it, hearing it…they are different then living it. So…here is another opportunity for all of us, to embrace what makes us happy, to choose to dream, love, and live fully by what we want out of life and what makes us happy, despite other people’s thoughts or ideas. Do you, think you, dream your dreams, live your life.



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1 Response to Simplicity

  1. nikole, i absolutely love this! i needed to hear some of these. thank you love!

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