We Are All Story-Tellers

I love to talk. What can I say? I love to express my emotions, ideas, and thoughts through words…admittedly, sometimes without thinking beforehand.
What I love more is to listen.
I love to listen to stories…
Stories of joy
Stories of heartache
Stories full of fun and adventure
Stories of redemption
of struggles
childhood memories

I love to see people’s face light up as they enter into their own world…we are all story tellers, and we all have a story to tell.

I have my own. Which is why I write. It is why I journal. It is why I blog. It is why I paint. draw. dance.

My story is my life.
It shapes the way I live.
Your story does the same.

I have found that getting to know ourselves is scary. We are with ourselves all the time. We wake up in our minds and tuck ourselves to sleep in our thoughts. So the story that goes along with who we are can sometimes be suppressed.

I want you to know, that there is someone out there that cherishes all the adventure, redemption, rejection, dreams, heartache, and joy that goes along with where you have been and how you have gotten to the place you are at in this moment.

Along with finding out that it is hard to let ourselves deeply know who we are, it is also hard sometimes to acknowledge the caring people out there, who have a heart to listen to the story each of us have. Each of us has a story that holds joy, happiness, and good memories, but we also have stories that are full of sadness, pain, and rejection.

I am sitting here in my house I have grown up in, thinking of the memories I have made in this city…of the memories I have made in my college town…and even the memories I have made within the past week…and though it is full of laughter, friendship, and love…it also holds failure, pain, and tears.

I do not think of those parts of my life as a road block, but through those parts I have grown the most and have shaped my character tremendously more than any other time…and I am thinking about these times and feeling thankful I have people in my life who cherish these times, just as much as they share the parts of my story where it was all joy and happiness. I have people who have loved me hard, and have cherished my stories whether it be for better or worse, simply because they have made me who I am today.

You have someone in your life who does the same.

I want to encourage you to open up to the fact that YOU are a story teller, who has a story, and has someone who not only wants to hear about the good old childhood memories, but cherishes the deepest parts that you have a hard time admitting to yourself.

I challenge you to acknowledge where you have been, but remembering to think how far you have come…and to acknowledge that there is someone out there who honors you for that journey.

I have no idea where all of this is coming from…only that this past week I have been on spring break. After a last minute trip to a small beach town in Florida, with a side adventure to Disney World and Charleston, SC… I have found that stories can build out of nowhere, and life always likes to throw us an unexpected curve or detour…but no matter if that detour or sudden curve brings us heartache or joy…it is beautiful simply because it contributes to who we are, each of us beautiful and individually cherished for who we are, where we are at, no matter where we have come by at least one person in our lives.

I suggest we cherish those people…they are few and in-between.

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