The Struggle of Time


When I think of time, I think of constraints.

I think of due dates and lists of to-dos.

I think of planning and scrambling to get things done.

There never seems to be enough of it…time, that is.

The limits of time seem to cause me stress.

Yet, time is beautiful. It is a treasure.

Time is quality.

Time is a blessing.

The time we have today is the moment  in which we are present…
in which our past meets our future.

This moment in time is where we have the opportunity to be stewards of our past failings while improving our future.

This moment in time is where we have a choice to make life count.

It isn’t about the amount of time that makes moments and memories so memorable…
it is what we do with the time we have, and how we embrace this exact moment that makes life memorable..


So in this moment, where are your thoughts?
How beneficial are those thoughts?

I find myself thinking more about how I am going to get tasks completed in the time that I have than focusing on the task itself.
I find myself thinking about how much longer I have until I am free of the burden these tasks…Yet, I can be free in this exact moment.

The quality of time surpasses the amount of it, and the quality of this time and this moment is chosen by us through our thoughts and through our actions.

I am attempting to transform my perspective of time to no longer seeing it as a constraint, but as a beautiful treasure not only for completing tasks, but to share to others.

Time is not only a stress causer, but our hoarding of our time can be selfish.

Remember, time is beautiful, a treasure…so share it with someone else.

I know for me, I get so caught up in the stress of tasks, I use all the time I am given to myself in attempts to completing those tasks…yet  I forget that the highest quality of time is when it is shared and cherished by people.I know for me, the time I am given by other’s speaks more about how important I am to them than anything else ever could.

Make the time you have right now a moment of embracing the connection of what was the past to what is now the future. Within the moments you have, create time of good quality by choosing beneficial thoughts, unraveled of stress…and ultimately, share it with others.

This is your time, choose to make it worthwhile.



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