Me, Myself, And I?

Someone told me awhile ago that this is the time in my life where it is okay to think about myself, and do what I want, and not make huge sacrifices for others.

I disagree.

We live in a society that tells us it is all about us. We have a ‘me’ orientation where we think everything revolves around ourselves, and our priorities should be first.

I disagree.

Someone says, “This is the time you live it up, do what you want, and what makes you happy!

Serving others… Prioritizing my time for others is what makes me happy. This is what fills my heart with joy.

I only find fulfillment in my life by making a difference in the lives of others.

This year I have really struggled with finding happiness within school…I started thinking about what is so different about this year than last year…

Granted, while being a freshman, everything is new and exciting, and then after that, the routine and monotony can easily set in…but I felt like this feeling of unhappiness…this fulfillment was coming from somewhere else…

The root of it all was that I was making things too much about me, and less about the community I have such a heart for…

Going through school to fulfill my dreams isn’t cutting it for me. I have been focused on my dreams of someday eventually making a difference, built the time to make a difference is NOW.

So turning it back around, I no longer will listen to those who depict this time of my life (my college years) as,

“Be young
you do you,
this time is all about you.”

This is fundamentally why…

This is the first time many people are away from their families, we are able to make judgments on our own without the complete influence of our family… this is the time we form habits of our own which will carry us as a foundation through the rest of our lives…where we form our own thoughts, ideals, and values without the influence of parents, family friends, etc (granted, we are never without influence, but we now have more power to determine where those influences come from)…and honestly, I think these kinds of thoughts about the lifestyle we choose throughout college and it’s continuous overflow into the time after college goes under the radar.

Why begin a habit where everything we do is for our own personal gain? Where is the improvement in the community? Where is the example to do good for our neighbor, even if there needs to be a sacrifice on our end?

I choose to disagree that this time is all about me, myself, and I.
I choose to go against this ‘me’ orientation society has told me is acceptable,
and live on my own terms…

Where I hope to make a difference along the way, wherever this life is leading me…Starting NOW…may this life be in a direction of influence, inspiration, and change that we all need.

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