A post in spite of Amy Glass of Thought Catalog

If I had written my own response, it would sound nearly exact to this.

Leaky Blather

I recently read this post on Thought Catalog and although I thought the things I should be doing right now are important, I have to post about this absurdity. I’ve loved Thought Catalog, but this just really rubbed me the wrong way and so my day is buried in the seeds of rage. I had to reply to her post because Amy Glass’ simple-minded attitude that life for women is based on black and white decisions is seriously flawed. I plan to do “exceptional things” in my life, which INCLUDE having a family. Ms. Glass, I’m sorry that you think getting married and having kids is something that’s “average” or unworthy of celebration. My immediate response to this infuriating blog post is the following:

“Wow. Your thought process is so one-sided. I really hope you get to experience all that life has to offer so that one day when you…

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2 Responses to A post in spite of Amy Glass of Thought Catalog

  1. Thanks for re-blogging me Nikki! You’re the best! And thank you bunches for helping me to find that ridiculous Thought Catalog post… I found it through your anger on Facebook, so this one was all for you! Keep up with the awesomeness, I love reading your blog!

  2. AND I don’t know if you saw this, but the girl who actually wrote the article, Chrissy Stockton, wrote it under a pen name, Amy Glass, and her goal was to make people angry and to start conversations. I guess it worked, but I’m still mad hahaha! http://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2014/02/hi-i-am-amy-glass/

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