I am on an Adventure of Discomfort

I am a firm believer in the idea that when we are put into some kind of discomfort, when situations and predicaments are uncomfortable we experience a huge amount of growth within ourselves.

Rewind to the time I was in the locker room at the gym this morning…

I overheard a couple of women talk about how much they desperately wanted to find purpose and involvement within the university community but they did not want to put themselves out there to try out, rush, or join anything out of the fear of being rejected or simply not accepted. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Do not let the fear of rejection be the shield/wall that keeps you from LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

Yes, putting yourself out there will be uncomfortable…especially if it is new, and even when it isn’t new, there is still a level of discomfort that comes with making yourself vulnerable.

Yes, sometimes we have to sacrifice our comfort level and make ourselves vulnerable to achieve something and to find some sort of gain in either getting involved, making a difference, or truly experiencing the environment we are in. To truly find deep connecting relationships, vulnerability is a must, and YES IT IS UNCOMFORTABLE.

Most of the time we want to find connections, whether it be on campus at university, within the organization you are affiliated with, with your neighbor, or someone you work with, or with your job in general…being vulnerable looks like putting ourselves out there to be able to gain connections, or to get that promotion, or to become a member of that organization, or to find those fulfilling deep friendships. For any of this to happen, it is NECESSARY to be okay with having some level of discomfort.

So yes, there will be some sort of disappointment along the way of achieving a life worth living…which is a life of vulnerability and discomfort…and ultimately from that comes personal growth in character and a gain in positive perspectives.

So, with all of that. I have decided to go on an adventure of discomfort…to take an aspect of my life that I am overly dependent on, that I use as a crutch and shield from some of my insecurities..an aspect of my life that interferes with being present at school. For the rest of this semester, I will not be on my phone walking around campus, and I will not use it to check social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram.

So many of us miss out on our environment, what is around us. The fact that we might have to interact and socialize with someone we barely know anymore or try our best to avoid because of some past event makes us uncomfortable, so what do a lot of us do…escape through our phones. It happens, and I am guilty.

Social networking sites have also been a way of escaping reality not just to avoid people…but to live through other people’s lives and compare theirs to our own. I hope through this semester I become independent from how I see other people live via social media, and really interact with others physically around me and know the reality of how they live their life…because we all know how misleading it can be to see someone’s life though the internet.

I want to acknowledge more people that I pass. I want to interact and redeem relationships I haven’t deeply invested in. I want to embrace more time being in the present than in another world that distracts me from the life in the moment.

I extremely encourage you to look at your life. Think about the things that keep you back from living the life you want to live, or living the life that has the most fulfillment…is it because you are too connected to social networking sites and phone conversations rather than being in the present moment around you, or is it the discomforting idea of being denied or rejected, or maybe ladies, it is the make-up we try to hide behind…because our real face isn’t good enough? Embrace that natural beauty. Embrace the environment around you. Embrace the community you want to be involved in. EMBRACE it. GO AFTER IT. LIVE LIFE.

Until next time.

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1 Response to I am on an Adventure of Discomfort

  1. you never fail to amaze me nikki. truly amazing.
    you continue to keep me inspired, so thank you!
    see you soon 🙂

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