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What Is Love Anyways

I am twenty years old. So…What do I know about love? Well, this is what I know from experience (I will get into the experiences later)… True love is selfless. It is without conditions. It is a source of encouragement. … Continue reading

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A post in spite of Amy Glass of Thought Catalog

Originally posted on Leaky Blather:
I recently read this post on Thought Catalog and although I thought the things I should be doing right now are important, I have to post about this absurdity. I’ve loved Thought Catalog, but this…

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I am on an Adventure of Discomfort

I am a firm believer in the idea that when we are put into some kind of discomfort, when situations and predicaments are uncomfortable we experience a huge amount of growth within ourselves. Rewind to the time I was in … Continue reading

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Fear Driven No More

Investments. That word causes emotional havoc within my heart. The word ‘investment’ brings about seriousness, commitment, and a need for consistent priorities. It requires responsibility. It inevitably is associated with getting older and gaining maturity. A couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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Getting Stuck in the Future

I plan. I plan my workouts a week in advance. I plan when I need to read what assignments and study for what tests for the week. I have daily schedules. I make lists. A list of to-dos. I keep … Continue reading

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